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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let the training begin!

Yipee! The Olympic yarn has arrived! Here it is, looking so unhappy in it's mailing packaging....
Before it could be unpacked, I decided I had better undecorate from Christmas. I know, I know, it's already Jan 28th and I should have done this long ago but I didn't. So I think I have set a new record for "Fastest Undecorating" for our house. The tree still is vertical, but taking it down, sticking it in the box, and dragging it down the stairs isn't my job. After my son wakes up from his nap I'll help him carry the stuff to the basement, but until then...PLAYTIME.

Here is the yarn freed from the packaging and frolicking on the top of the desk, next to the additional needles I realized I needed to do the swatch (hat). Why I didn't remember to get double points when picking up the Addi's, I do not know.

And because the yarn did not get to my house before I left for stitching with the Knitters with Altitude, here's a picture of the mittens. I know it doesn't look like I did very much on them this morning, but I really did. If I would have been paying attention while I was casting on for them I would have realized I had grabbed the wrong needle size and would not have needed to rip the 3" I had finished on the cuff out. So now I am back on track with that. I'm really liking the striping type thing that is happening on these. The real mitten is a little darker.

I am now of two minds. Do I finish the mittens which I want done before I leave for Chicago, or do I cast on the swatch?


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