Twisted Stitcher

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time Flies...

....and sometimes with super sonic speed, as in the case here. A knitter with good intentions of blogging on a regular basis, which was never meant to be every third month.

I did get a lot done since my last post. Lots of knitting, lots of painting inside my house, lots of company (that explains the painting), lots of weeding in the garden, and lots of pictures taken. Lots of kids home from school and a new High School graduate. Just so you know, in case I haven't bragged enough about the kids, they are all doing great. Mike is a new Lance Corporal and will most likely be going to school in Fort Collins next fall; Meg did wonderful in school last year, is a new assistant manager at an athletic shoe store and is getting her own apartment for next semester; Matt has chosen Fort Hays State University to study Graphic Design at ( I think he gets his creativity from me) and is excited about moving on.

Before I forget, here is the link to my Photobucket space. Right now it's password protected so here are the details. My user name is LindaKGS and the password is 615olive. There, that should get you to some good stuff. The sub album of the bootcamp trip is horribly out of order, which drives me nuts, but if I waited to fix it, well you know...

Another reason I needed to blog tonight was that I decided the Twisted Stitcher group is going to meet on Wednesday nights starting tomorrow. The location we picked for right now is Pikes Perk on Academy just north of Vickers. The time is 6 pm to whenever they kick us out, which will be 9 or 9:30, I can't remember.

See you there.