Twisted Stitcher

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holy Crap, it's the 19th?!?!?!?!

That means I have 6, let's be realistic...5 days and 1 hour since I'm writing this at 11 at have everything done for Christmas. Stop laughing, it really isn't funny. No pictures today, can't find the camera.

On the knitting front, there is no Christmas knitting. Score. Well unless you count Megan's present from last year that is knitted but not sewn together. The bootcamp sweater has both sleeves and 2" of back done. There are several things I'm dying to cast on but so far I'm controlling myself on those.

I also have some fabulous roving calling from the craft room. I'm thinking keeping the door shut is helping, but if the wheel adds it's voice, I'm sunk.

I have NO grocery shopping lists created, so no grocery shopping done. That obviously means no cookies baked. This is a big problem.

Presents this year are simple. The most time consuming will be stocking stuffers. We don't have a lot of people outside the immediate family that we buy for anymore. And our family's "big present" this year are airline tickets to San Diego for Mike's Marine bootcamp graduation. We will be visiting places like Sea World and the Zoo and having fun in the sun. It's probably our last family vacation all together, that makes me sad but I plan on enjoying every second of the trip.

How's it going for you?