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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heading Out

Well, I'm heading out to Chicagoland tomorrow morning. I did decide to fly instead of drive. Even though I normally love road trips, it didn't make sense this time. This will save me 38 hours of knitting, oh I mean driving, time. I get to see my Mom and sisters, and maybe my son who goes to school in Illinois. I'll also get to see my in-laws, which in my case is a very good thing.

Packing my clothes for this trip, very easy. Packing my projects to knit, very NOT easy. I finally settled on these.

There is of course the Olympic project and training swatch, the brown will hopefully become a moebius basket, the lime green is a moebius with beads, and the red is a quick scarf. OK, so only I see them as done, but I figure you would understand...

One of the actual "traveling with me" projects is a scarf that's almost done. It's on kind of long Denise needles. The other project is a gift for someone who might be reading, so no pictures or descriptions of that! I tried to pick projects that will be interesting to knit and will also not raise any alarms with the security folks. I mean, you and I both know that the TSA says knitting needles are fine, but we also know that one unhappy screener can totally mess you up.

Wish me luck...


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