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Monday, July 31, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Yes, it's both a rainy day and a Monday. Actually, it's a rainy evening, but that didn't sound quite as good. And they don't usually get me down.
There has been progress on the trekking sock. It's looking and fitting quite well. I'm really loving them. I mean it, there is only one so far.There is also quite a bit of progress on the photo project. Just three more boxes and six more albums to go. Then I will have all of the photos in order and "findable" instead of all over hell and gone. It's looking good in the room my husband now calls the "knitting annex".So you'd think I'd be in a reasonably good mood. However you would be incorrect, but only because you don't know what I know. And that is....the wonderful dragonfly socks that are a fabulous color that reminds me of my favorite place in the world, and in a pattern that compliments the yarn, that are both done up to the heel, and one of them slightly past the heel are, get this....TOO SMALL.

I decided to try them on this morning, just to make sure the length was right after putting in the short row heel and knitting about an inch into the leg. The foot length is perfect, just wonderful, the heel fits properly, all is well. Except that I have been ignoring the fact that the foot has seemed tight the entire time I have been knitting them. I have been in some kind of delusional knitting zone with these socks. They were tight every time I tried them on to gauge the length, but I kept thinking that was OK, I don't mind socks that hug my feet.
This morning the magic spell these socks had cast on me suddenly went away. I could tell that they were squeezing my foot so tight that it would be impossible to wear them for more than a minute without restricting my circulation. The problem is not really the foot (see, still delusional) but the place the sock turns at the ankle. I tried really hard to believe that I could fix that for about 5 minutes, but came to the sad conclusion that it is off to the frog pond for the socks.


  • Sorry to hear about your dragonfly socks! They were beautiful. Glad that the rest of things are going well though.

    By Anonymous Brie, at 8:29 PM  

  • GASP! Oh Linda :(

    By Blogger Lisa, at 9:08 AM  

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