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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Photos 10,000 Knit stitches 0

I am in the midst of a BIG photo project, and zero stitches were knit by me today and yesterday. Big yuck.

I am trying to get my pictures all together in one place in the house, which was way easier said than done. I think I have accomplished that step. The next step is putting them in sort of chronological order, which I am mostly done with, sort of. Then I have to get them into archival safe storage, which means taking them out of the old albums that have turned many of them yellow, and into new, safer albums. Or at least acid free storage boxes.

I was going to do the whole "every page is art" kind of scrapbook, but YEAH RIGHT....

I think I hear my sock calling, and I am going to answer it.

Here is a picture to make you ignore the lack of knitting progress:

Yes, the big dog is walking the little dog around on a leash.


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