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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Woo Hoo, it's Wednesday!

The workweek is half over, I'm jazzed about that. So much fun was had over last weekend, it makes me want this weekend to get here faster.

Our knit group had a party with our puppies at MJ and Del's house on Saturday. We had a blast and a half. There were a lot of dogs, I can't remember how many, but here are some pictures.
There was some knitting done but, as Lisa noted, not by me. My puppy decided to spend most of her time in my lap. It was a little overwhelming.

We got to see more of MJ's Kool Aid yarn, we ate a ton of food, the dogs got treats and jello doggy shooters.

After that party, my husband and I went to Territory Days in Old Colorado City. It's a celebration of our town as it was back in, guessed it, the days the state was a territory. There are tons of street vendors, food tents, Native American dancers, the Greyhound rescue group, the Birds of Prey group, and assorted people. The people range from families with small kids, teenagers hanging around looking cool, women having a Girl's Day Out, bikers, and so on. Here are some pictures of that...

Sunday I spent all day in my jammies, read, and did some but not much knitting. There will be no pictures of that!

On Monday, we had a bonus knit group meeting. It was great. Lisa got to knit the same length of yarn for her sock a few times. There are of pictures of that either, it wasn't pretty.


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