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Monday, May 29, 2006

A day to remember...

When I was younger, I remember that Memorial Day sometimes took two days. We would buy flowers, geraniums mostly, pile in the car, and drive into Chicago and plant the flowers on our Grandparents graves. We were sent to fetch water for the plants, and I remember seeing a lot of flags put up by the VFW posts.

We also had a day to drive to a little town near Edgerton, WI to put flowers on my Grandfathers grave. He is buried in a tiny cemetery near a little white church. My sisters and I used to try to find the oldest headstone there. I remember there were some that were so old that the engraving was nearly worn off. Mom always packed us a picnic lunch for the trip, and we would eat at a picnic table near a little river.

When we got older, we stopped going with Mom and Dad. We were teenagers with busy lives, and besides, Mom and Dad went. Now I live 1000 miles from there and even though I still enjoy my three day weekend, I wish I could spend part of it planting flowers for people I never met, but am connected to, as well as those I am connected to and have lost. Today I am sad that I can't put out flowers and a flag for my father. But you can bet I'm thinking of him, and of his brother Norman who lost his life in the Pacific arena during WWII.

I don't care what your politics are, I don't care if you agree or disagree with the current military action in the Middle East, please take a few moments this weekend to honor those who went before, and those who are serving now, so others can live free.

For some background on Memorial Day history, go here.


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