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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I wanted a gold medal, but...

I don't get a gold medal, but I have learned the following important things:

1) Dale of Norway patterns rock and now I'm addicted to them and actually believe I can finish one in my size. They have a new Colorado Springs pattern just out, so making one seems required since I live there.
2) I have just enough common sense not to do steeks at 3 in the morning even if it means not getting a gold medal.
3) My family and friends love me even when I do what appears to be strange things.
4) I can now weave in ends like a champ.
5) Knittting Olympics inspire plenty of people, it's a great conversation opener, and now my sister Karen is knitting a sock. She called me a couple days ago wanting to know what SSK in her pattern meant. How cool is that? She hasn't called back yet. I expect her to when she reads about Kitchner stitch.
6) Spending time with my family, like going to my daughter's rugby match, is more important than gold to me.
7) It's a great feeling to push past what I think my limits are, and if I can do that with my knitting, why not apply it to the rest of my life?



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