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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Colorado Weather, Gotta Love It!

We had a beautiful weekend here in Colorado. There was great company on Saturday, Lisa has pictures on her blog. She always remembers not only her camera, but also to actually take pictures! We had a Spin-In at the Llama store. I got quite a bit of the light cocoa brown Teasdale fleece spun up. After a very helpful tip from Anne, it was nice and thin. It's almost even as well. I spun a lot more after I got home as well. I should be plying it this weekend. I'm going to try a 3-ply, since I finally have yarn thin enough to do that without getting a super bulky finished project.

On Sunday my youngest son and I went to my daughters rugby game. This is a picture of the great weather and Pikes Peak from the stands. Pretty, no? And there were no major injuries during the game, which was great. Not even much blood :o)The wonderful weather lasted until today. I woke up to take a call from the place I work saying the site was closed, stay home. Now I don't know about you, but the feeling that I get when a "free" day appears makes me very happy indeed. I used to live for snow days when I was going to school, and I love them more as an adult. Yes indeed, a snow day. Actually, a blizzard day. By one o'clock, this is what my deck looked like:About 2' of snow on my table. The dog nearly vanished in the back yard when I let her out. The snow was up to her back, all I could see was the top of her cute little brown head. She's a Springer Spaniel, and was bouncing all over the yard. She absolutely loves snow, I had a hard time convincing her to come inside.
You would think a lot of knitting got done, but you'd be wrong. I got up late and then did a lot of nothing, and it felt really good. I did spend some time updating our friends and family on my son's last call from boot camp, and talked to a friend I haven't spoken with in way too long.

Late in the afternoon the snow stopped, the sky began to clear, and the shoveling began. I shoveled out my car so I can go to work tomorrow. I also shoveled a bunch of space by my mailbox, since I'm hoping a letter from Mike will show up there tomorrow, and I want the path clear for the mailman! I was really hoping for some mail from bootcamp today, but the mailmen took the day off too.
Shoveling the wet, heavy snow was a pain, but it had to be done. Here are a couple pictures of my reward:

A beautiful sunset sky. Posted by Picasa


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