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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fall? Really?

This is what fall looks like here in Colorado Springs. This is a picture I took of my front yard on Wednesday morning.Here's a picture I took on my way to work Thursday morning. Part of what I like about living here is that one day there are slidey streets and crappy weather that makes you want to hunker down at home with an afghan, tea, a good book, a classic movie, and of course your knitting...and the next day it's blue skies, sunshine and nice temperatures.
There has been some knitting this week, but not the bootcamp sweater or any helmet liners. I'm really not ready to admit that it's time to knit those, as if not knitting them somehow will change the fact the Mike is at Marine boot camp. Monday we did go to this buildingand said goodbye to him for 13 weeks. We thought we would be able to see his swearing in, but it turns out that had already happened earlier in the process. We did get a chance to visit with him for a bit, and I didn't cry, which surprised all of us. I had been carting my cell phone around with me since then (except the first day because I forgot to) in case he got an opportunity to call. He did get to call, but he called on the house phone at 7 pm last night, and neither Bob or I was home, so he got to talk to Matt. It was a 45 second call, all he was allotted, that went something like "I'm here, I"m fine, how did the Bears do?" He's on day 4, and I miss him a bunch. Posted by Picasa


  • Thanks for posting---I was beginning to worry about you :(

    By Blogger Lisa, at 1:42 PM  

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