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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Knitting, what knitting?

There was knitting yesterday, lots of knitting. I went to knit group in the morning. Lots of fun projects going on, lots of conversation, lots of new ideas all over the place. I worked on Meg's surprise, and nearly finished it.

I went to Knitters Kove, to scope out the new digs and get a couple of new yarns. As I went through my stash last week, I noticed a lot of blue/purple mixes. So what better than a stash busting wrap? A nice big dramatic fling of a wrap. I plan on knitting it lengthwise, changing yarns every other row and creating the fringe as I go along. I noticed I didn't have any smooth yarns to mix in so I had to pick some up at the store. Why, when trying to lose some stash into the finished object pile, does it always seem as if you need to purchase some more yarn to make the idea work? It's a rhetorical question, since I am assuming that nobody will ever know the answer.

Not much gardening got done. I did get most of the weeds pulled, which was good. Then I came in and got ready to go to a bonus knit meet in a cute little part of town called Old Colorado City. It has a bunch of nice little tourist-y shops, and a friendly vibe. It also has a yarn store in the midst of the main part of the area, and another one only a few blocks away.

We met at a little coffeeshop that was nice and comfortable. I picked a cushy leather couch, and finished the knitting on Meg's present. There was only one little problem with the nice cushy couch...I kept sinking farther and farther into it. Kirsten and Chery thought it looked like a bad horror flick, "The Couch That Ate Linda".

It was so comfortable I didn't even notice that I was sinking. Getting out of the couch took some doing and wasn't very graceful. Good thing I was with nice people who don't laugh (out loud at least) at a friend with a seating problem.

But there was no knitting today at my house. I got up late, and worked on the garden from noon until 6:30 or 7 pm, when it started to rain really hard. I have nearly all of it finished and with any luck at all will be able to wrap it up tomorrow. I am so sore and tired that even though the sock just needs the toe, I'm giving up and going to bed....If I can hobble down the hall.


  • Good job on the gardening---now there is more guilt free knitting time :)

    By Blogger Lisa, at 5:08 PM  

  • Knitters Kove is a very nice shop I ended up buying 2 different types of yarns for 2 scarves I am working on.

    By Blogger Ann & Shawn, at 12:55 PM  

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