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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Third and Final Trip Thoughts

Let's wrap up the trip details and move along to more current events. On Monday, the weather turned quite a bit cooler up north. The high was about 58 degrees; very, very chilly in the creek, I can tell you that. I took another drive and ended up here. It's a cute little yarn shop just outside of St. Germain, WI called Sutter's Golden Fleece. The nice ladies there took pity on me because of the cold and poured a nice, hot cup of really good coffee for me. I love the wildflower garden in front of the place, and can imagine what a relaxing place the front porch would be to knit on in better weather.We had a good visit and I was just about to purchase a ball of locally spun yarn as a souvenier, and got totally and completely side-tracked by this sweater kit. It's Trekking, which we all know I have a weakness for. I did buy the blue colorway, which will be great with jeans. The sweater is being knit as a top down raglan, I'm not using the many pieced pattern directions. The picture was taken when I got home, the kitty in the background is questioning my sanity. The rest of the day was spent beading the infernal green mobieus and taking a really nice walk around the property. Here are some pictures that do not show the incredible beauty of the place, but are enough to give you a hint.
Tuesday I got up early and drove back to my sister's house, and then went to the train station and caught a train to downtown Chicago. From there, it was a quick trip on the L to Midway airport, and a flight to Denver. My husband picked me up there and drove home. I think I spent over 16 hours travelling, but because of the great knitting time, it wasn't really much of an issue. All in all, it was a very fast, very wonderful trip, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Posted by Picasa


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