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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Part Two of the Big Trip

OK, so it wasn't a huge round the world kind of BIG TRIP, but it was a big event for me. When last we left our knitter....
Sunday morning I got to drive up to our family's creekside cabin the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I haven't been there in over 3 years, which is waaaaay to long. Especially since it is the place where I feel the most myself, if that makes any sense. I know you know what I'm talking about, that special place in the world where you feel connected and somehow more real. The place you think of first when someone asks where you would live if you could live anywhere. The place that has tons and tons of special memories. Enough already, let's get to the knitting.
I stopped by this place in Stevens Point on my way. Would have stopped at Schoolhouse Press, but it wasn't really on my way, and I was short of time.Herrschners Catalog Outlet Store, or Mecca, whichever you choose. They of course had tons of stuff I really wanted, but being a good girl (at this point in the trip) I bought only these things...Kroy sock yarn in a great color that now that I'm looking at it is MORE blue and green for me. Gee, I wonder what my favorite color is these days? And Socketta, gray with yes more blue and green, but darker, so I totally needed it.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way to the Creek. Here's what the fridge looked like.

Only the essentials: Cranberry-Raspberry wine from a local company, Wisconsin cheese and salami, Diet Coke, and butter. The bread and fudge were on the counter. The bread was for toasting in the oven (see below). The stove keeps the house nice and warm and makes great toast! And yes, I do know how to cook on the wood stove. My specialties are a killer fried egg, bacon, and toast breakfast, and fried chicken to die for. I made neither of those this trip. No dishes, what else needs to be said?

After I unpacked the car, which took all of two minutes, I headed down to the creek for a nice bath. Oh, did I not mention no shower in the house? The creek was beautiful and peaceful. The colors fantastic, and the forget-me-nots still blooming. The water was cold, so I didn't stay in the creek long.

The weather was warm and cloudy, but the sun came out in the afternoon, so I took a drive to see the fall colors. I really miss seeing red and orange in the fall. Here we get pretty much only gold. I plan on posting lots of pictures later, but here's a peek at some fall color near Trout Lake.

I had a great pizza at the Sayner Pub for dinner, and went back to the Creek for an evening of knitting. Most of the time I worked on the mobieus, because "all" I had to do was stick the beads around the edge and bind off. What a pain in the butt....over 3 hundred stupid little beads that all had to be put on individually. It's finished, but I am sick of looking at it right now so I don't even know if I'll wear it.

I'm going to stick a collage of photos on the photo page for now, and will post more later. I seem to have caught some nasty cold/virus thing that has me cranky and tired.

Stay tuned...


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