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Thursday, September 14, 2006

A quick update

No exciting news to share. The dratted socks are still kicking butt (mine). The finished sock was tried on at knit group Saturday. It took quite a while to get it on, please don't anybody say anything about binding off too tightly. I know. And I still did it. At least it was good for a laugh. Lisa took pictures. If you must see, drop on over, her link is on the side.

I had to unbind the sock and use a yarn over bind off from the Knitting Answers book that I will put up a link for later when I have time to do tricky stuff. And, yes I know it's not that tricky, but I am under a little time issue here. The new bind off is much better.

The second sock is NOT done, even though I really wanted it to be, but I'll have scads of time tomorrow to finish it. I will be computer-less until Wednesday, but expect a long post either next Wednesday or Thursday night. Probably late, you know how I am.


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