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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Weeks Worth....

Well, the days are getting shorter and the view from my travelling knitting studio has changed quite a bit. I don't have to worry about parking in the shade to stay cool and comfortable at lunch anymore. I am starting to park in a sunny spot to take advantage of not only the great view, but to have a little extra warmth. A note here, I work a later shift and my "lunch" starts at 4pm. It has been cold enough to wear the Trekking sweater, but warm enough to knit in my car at lunch. Colorado weather is wierd, but I like it a lot.

I finished spinning up the brown Teasdale roving, and then finished doing my first ever 3-ply yarn. It's not as even as I'd like, but it looks pretty good. I have about 211 yards, and that may be enough for a pair of mittens. We will have to see what I decided to do with it. I need a new digital camera, this one does not have a macro mode for close-ups, or a decent zoom lens, which I will need in January at bootcamp graduation.

Speaking of bootcamp, I am out of the swatch stage of the sweater. I have 1/3 of a sleeve cuff finished. If you use the guidelines of the two sleeves making up approximately 25% of a sweater, I figure I am....hmm....really not far enough along. Mike is 35% done. I think I still have a decent shot at wearing the sweater at graduation, please don't let on that you know I am delusional, OK?
This picture looks slightly lighter and redder than the reality. The picture of the swatch in the prior post actually shows the color better. It is more of a darker cranberry color than this.


  • See how sweet you are stopping to entertain me while I'm at work talking about how you entertain yourself at work? ;) LOL You WILL get the sweater done, we believe in you!!!

    By Blogger Kir, at 10:46 AM  

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